Sunday, October 23, 2011

These people just don't get it. I hope the American people do. Today they went round and round, as they always do about how President Obama needs to do more to jumpstart the econony. They cannot and WILL NOT address the fact that he is not King Obama. He cannot say "we are going to do this or we are going to do that!" Ford and Welch even praised Herman Cain's stupid 9-9-9 plan. Saying, it ...has some holes in it, but at least it's abold and simple plan. I have a 50-50-50 plan that simply states everyone should give me 50% of their income. It might seem fair. It might not cure the economy, but hell, it's bold and simple. The ugly little secret that nobody wants to admit is that we are stuck on stupid because of racism. Congress would rather destroy the country than have a black man as POTUS for another 4 years. I'm so tired of people like Harold Ford, who got his butt thrown out, making these poitical pronoucements like he could simply tell these people in Congress to put their robes and hoods in the closet for the good of the country; and that would turn things around. Disgusting...

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