Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Racism Trumps All Other Concerns

Hockey MVP Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins snubbed the trip to the White House. He did it because of racism, pure and simple. When he saw that there would be public push back and not just back slapping praise from his good ole boys, he released a long-winded statement of how he was protesting against both parties and yada, yada, yada.

The clearest sign of progress in our country on the racial front appears to be the acceptance that racists must now use the term "socialist" instead of the "N" word and claim dissatisfaction with the size of the federal government to mask the fact that they just can't accept a black man in the White House.

Most of us see the shell game and pretend to take these idiots at their word, but if the Nascar and Hockey types can constantly snub an invitation to the White House to appease their redneck fans that have the nerve to boo the First and Second Ladies of our country, and do so with impunity, they will continue to do so, which may cause the rest of us to disrespect the next cowboy boot wearing president and his family.

One of the most surprising things to people that haven't been paying attention, is in this country Racism trumps all. Just look at the evangelicals that are supporting Newt Gingrich. This wife cheater wouldn't have a prayer of winning the South Carolina evangelicals in any other time in our history, but the idea that he could possibly yell and disrespect President Obama in his Lincoln-Douglas style 3 hour debates with no moderator, at which he has graciously conceded that President Obama could use the teleprompter, as if he'd need it to compete with the likes of Gingrich, has the racists foaming at the mouth.

"Sure Newt is a liar, a cheater, a lobbyist, and hated by his colleagues, but he'll really give it to that black guy, so forget what I've said about religion and character all these years...I'm going with Newt now and I'll address my religion and ethics later." Next time some Evangelical Christian tells you that the country is going to hell unless it gets on their bandwagon....just say one word......Newt!

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