Friday, February 10, 2012

Jack Nichols...We Want Our Money Back!


Billing records obtained through a public records request, indicate that Jack was paid $1,005.48 by the North Carolina Board of Nursing to attend a FARB Conference in Chicago in October of 2009.
Seemed kinda odd, so we asked the North Carolina Board of Nursing why their attorney had to attend the conference and how much of our money was spent to send him. Their response? "Jack didn't attend the conference." and any other inquires concerning the matter should be directed to Jack himself. So we asked Jack himself why there were billing records saying he attended the conference at public expense and the board said he didn't attend. His response? Essentially, "the law says I ain't gotta tell you nuttin! But I will say, I didn't attend the conference."
He was then asked AGAIN to explain the descrepancy. We are still waiting for his response. If North Carolina state agencies are just giving away the store, I needs ta gets me one of dem law licenses! He even was reimbursed for handing out tips! Since he was on North Carolina's expense account, I wonder if we are good tippers or bad tippers?

If Jack can't come up with a better explanation than "I ain't talkin and you can't make me", as a citizen of North Carolina, I want my money back. Forget Mitt Romney...Jack Nichols has our entire state credit card in his wallet!

UPDATE: After several weeks, The Board turned over the documents. They reveal that although Jack Nichols did not attend the conference, his co-counsel did. It seems that Nichols was trying to get us to file a complaint with the State Bar and other agencies; then he could produce the documents showing that the trip was indeed authorized; and then use that to say "See, that guy is just out to get me!" Trouble is, I have battled Jack for several years and I am aware of his straw-man tactics. Nice try there though Jack...nice try indeed.

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