Sunday, December 4, 2011

I guess that is what passes for progress in race relations these days. Not so many years ago, if a black man was accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault of a white woman, he'd be dragged from his home and lynched. Enter 2011 and Herman Cain. The GOP was willing to call every woman that came forward with horrific tales of abuse, a gold-digging liar. His campaign coffers swelled and his support grew. It was only when a woman came forward and said she had a 13 year sexual affair with him, that his support dropped off and the "Cain Train" jumped the tracks and crashed. Some might say they dropped the old "How dare you disrespect a white woman" mantra, but still haven't let go of the "How dare you two race mix" firebrand. In the end, Cain had NO CHANCE of becoming the GOP choice to run for president. And make no mistake; his appeal among Republican primary voters wasn't his so-called 999 plan, his so-called heralded business experience or even his straight talk (ala Chris Christie). The GOP lead this idiot out like a drug dealer's pitbull, to snap at President Obama. They could tell the world "We're not racist. We just don't like Obama's policies. See? We support Herman Cain!" But in the end Cain helped to define the depths to which the GOP has sunk. We support President Obama. In fact, I'd take a bullet for the man. But if he came out and said "The people want a leader, not a reader! No, don't know the president of Ubeki, beki, beki, stan, you? China is trying to get the bomb! etc.," no thinking person could support him. The multiple women coming out of the woodwork were just the pieces of corn in this sh*t sandwich. The GOP has proven, it's not just ideology...these are not serious people; and in a world that is increasingly more serious and deadly, it is incumbent upon the American people to usher them off of the political landscape.

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