Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Liberals seem to have stolen away all of the once reliable GOP talking points. The Republicans may still TRY to claim that only a GOP president can keep the country safe, but they will spend most of their follow-up explaining away Bin Laden.

They have completely lost the argument on taxes as the country has finally discovered that they are only concerned with rich people's taxes.

Today is Christmas. As a Die-hard Democrat, concerned with gun violence nationwide, the GOP may think I would be tactically unarmed, however, although Santa didn't bring me my AR-15, I did get one this year.

The increased rise of hate groups in response to the election of the first African American president, may have pushed some liberals to "cling to OUR guns and religion," also. Guns and ammo, more like it.

As a liberal, I believe that nobody really should own an assault weapon, but if the feces hits the fan, I don't want to get caught bringing a 9 iron to a gunfight. I've always believed that had Emmett Till been better armed, he coulda whistled at any gal he wanted. Outrage always seems to be enhanced proportionally with the vulnerability of the accused...

Conservative candidates, as well as the once unchallenged hate groups, dismiss the ever changing dynamic of the liberal electorate at their on peril...

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