Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aah Haah!

While investigating Resident Superior Court Judge Richard Allen Baddour, Jr. (hereinafter "Dick Jr." or "Little Dick" or "Little D") I came across something most telling. I first appeared before Little D in 2007. There I was telling him "Your Honor, these guys created a hostile work environment, stole evidence from a courthouse file, are covering up a homicide, etc." Little Dick not only didn't give a crap, but seemed pissed that I was even there. At the time I chalked it up to racism or Napoleon syndrome, or whatever. However, I discovered a NC Court of Appeals decision that listed his daddy, former Director of Athletics, Richard "Dick" Allen Baddour, Sr (hereinafter "Dick" of "Big Dick") as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by a female student alleging some of the same issues: hostile work environment, etc. Some of the language is exceptionally disturbing (ie: a coach asking a female student "Who are you f*cking?). Question is, in light of his daddy having to face these kind of charges during that period, was Little D predisposed to use his new found power to screw Plaintiff's with similar causes of action? It may not be that Freudian. He simply may have been raised by Big Dick, to be less sensitive to issues of hostile workplace issues. The scandal that eventually caused Big Dick to resign this year didn't necessarily stem from the above mentioned incident, but from other ethical lapses associated with the sports program and students. Big D had the stones enough to resign. After discovering he has willfully failed to pay his property taxes to the tune of $7,665, and is under investigation by the State Board of Elections for violations of campaign finance disclosure laws, we call on Judge Baddour to show some character and do the same. RESIGN!

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