Monday, November 14, 2011


Judge Allen Baddour is a Sexual Predator's

Get Out of Jail Free Card?

Superior Court Judge "Richard" Allen Baddour, Jr. ruled that two parts of a North Carolina general statute aimed at protecting children from child molesters are unconstitutionally vague and unconstitutionally overbroad. Baddour said in his opinion the statues infringe on the constitutionally protected right to worship. However, Baddour failed to address why child molesters could not simply worship at the overwhelming number of churches that do not provide on-premise childcare. His decision came after authorities arrested registered sex offender James Nichols for attending a Baptist church outside of Raleigh because the church provided on-premise childcare. The statute says offenders must stay 300 feet away from any area intended for the use, care of supervision of minors and any place where minors gather for regularly scheduled events. This myopic view of the law, together with his insensitivity for the rights of the less powerful in our community; and his willingness to violate campaign finance and tax laws has fueled calls for him to step down or be replaced. Rumors that Baddour tends to support some critical elements of sharia law don't seem to have entered into his decision, insofar as even those who support sharia law, understand the importance of barring child molesters from having access to our children. Although Baddour has small children and lives within 5 miles of 6 registered sex offenders, he seems to believe playing Russian roulette with our children's' safety is an acceptable part of his job description. Someone needs to tell Baddour that this is North Carolina, not Penn State! Show Baddour the Door!

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