Friday, November 11, 2011

Jim Crow- Black Witness

The Plaintiff repeatedly informed Judge Baddour that the Defendants were covering up a criminally negligent homicide. All the Defendants had to do (over several years) was to simply laugh and say "Your Honor, this case isn't about that at all. It's about the Plaintiff saying bad things about us on the Internet!" Baddour never said "Let's get the witnesses and the documents in here and see who is lying and if anyone was really killed!" He simply dismissed the Plaintiff's case with that disgusted "How dare he accuse these good people" look on his face. Baddour poked the bear with the stick. He was repeatedly asked to recuse himself, but like most bullies, he relished in his power to abuse the Plaintiff without Court TV showing the world. Now WE won't recuse until he's off the bench!

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