Sunday, November 6, 2011


What's Going on in This guy's head?
A recent North Carolina Court of Appeals decision highlighted Judge Baddour's "I got mine, the hell with the rest of you " attitude on Civil Rights. In a reversal of his ruling in the case of Earp v. Quinlan, the Appeals Court ruled that Baddour, true to his history in these kinds of cases, erred when he dismissed the plaintiff's claims of civil conspiracy to interfere with her right to work and her civil-obstruction-of-justice claim against one defendant. If he is going to constantly be a rubber stamp for big law firm litigants, why doesn't he just hold court from his neighborhood Kinkos and we can just mail the case to him. At least then we wouldn't have to endure watching him pretend to reach a reasoned decision. SIDE NOTE: When appearing before him, if a lawyer needs to hand him a document and asks "May I approach?", he says "yes." But if a pro se litigant (especially African American) asks the same thing, he tells them to hand it to the bailiff. He still is afraid of getting his lunch money taken like in school. This guy has got to go. In a recent paper he wrote for other judges, he lays out his fear of pro se litigants. Baddour wrote:
If you are this afraid of pro se litigants, that you have to alert the 60 year old bailiff, that he may have to rescue you, put your big girl panties on and get another job. You cannot be fair to both sides when you hold such fear and disdain for one side and such admiration for the other! Show Baddour the door!

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